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5 May 2009 - Another server move
Another server move is now over, there is a few things that need to be fixed. Apparently there is no ISP/webhotels in Denmark that can handle traffic, this time is was Surftown Erhverv that gave up. I think I have tried most providers in Denmark by now. :) This time I have chosen a VPS solution hosted in the UK. I hope they can manage the traffic. Let me now if you find issues.
24 May 2008 - Router congestion
Yesterday around 1300 a router went down with congestion problems. We are waiting for an update to the router, but are now routing traffic bac into the router.
23 May 2007 - New server
We encountered a power outage during a snow storm which destroyed a server. Statcount is now running from a new server. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
14 May 2005 - We are counting again...
We are counting again
14 May 2005 - Temporarily not counting
Statcount does not count hits at the moment, because of a bandwidth outage. One user is sending more than 50 hits/second, and there is not enought bandwidth for that.
We presume we will start counting again tonight.
30 May 2005 - W3C firendly counter code
The html code for the counter does now comply with the W3C standard. That means that the counter will look the same, in all browsers supporting W3C. Please update the html counter code on your page.
6 June 2005 - New engine and new features
The counter engine has been upgraded with a brand new version, that can manage the growing load on the server.
As a new feature, we a now logging the country, from which the user is surfing. The lookup is made from the users ip address.
If you in the future receive less hits than usual, is it because the new counter engine is more restrictive defining unique hits.
25 June 2004 - Report dead counters
There is a lot of counters in the database, where the user has typed wrong url for the home page or the webpage does not exist anymore. To get rid of all these counters, you can report dead counters while surfing StatCount.
Click on the icon, check the information and hit the yes button.
The counters can then be removed from the database.
If you know you have a wrong/old URL on your counter, then it is maybe time to update it now, unless you don't need you counter! :)
3 March 2004 - Powerfailure
Today we lost a few counters. We had a sudden powerfailure, that resulted in MySQL eating up a few counters. Most of the lost counters was read from a 14 days old backup. All those counters will have 14 days old "all hits" values. :(

A few counters created in the period from 14/6-2004 to 3/7-2004 is lost!!! So if your counter does not show up, please email me the id, countervalue and the emailaddress, then I will recreate the counter.

If you don not know your counter id, you can find it in your html code:

Here is the id 1.

I am sorry for the inconvenience it might have caused!

Best regards...
Torben Wind Meyhoff
22 March 2004 - The server is back
The server is now running on my own line again, and there is no planed down time! :)
14 March 2004 - The line has been down :(
The internet line was by mistake closed by my ISP this morning Danish time. I had a planned move scheduled for the 20th of June. They thought it was OK to close the line one week earlier. :(
But I have found a temporary location for my server at
Sorry about all the trouble it is causing you!

20 March 2003 - The counter error is fixed!
All counters should now show the right pictures!
20 March 2003 - Trouble with the pictures on the counters
After upgrading to PHP 4.3.1 there is an error in the picture engine. All counters are fixet to the logo counter until it is fixed, hopefully to day! ;)
20 March 2002 - IP change
The IP address of the server has been changed. Until the change is replicated to all DNS servers, there may be fallouts.
2 February 2002 - Hardisk changed!
Today the harddisk in the server, has been changed.
There has been some down time, and the daylog for today
has on some users been corrupted.
Sorry about that!
Everything else works fine! ;)
18 February 2002 - Changes at Statcount
Statcount is being updated. There may be fall outs on the website. It has no influence on the counters.
30 February 2002 - Statcount Live Version 1.1 releashed
Version 1.1 is ready!
Update interval changer has been added.
Find more on the Client page
27 February 2002 - Language statistics
It is now possible to see which language, your users is running on their computer. See more under the login pages!

30000000 hostet hits! ;)
22 February 2002 - Statcount Live Version 1.0 releashed
Version 1.0 is ready!
Unique hits has been added to the list.
Find more on the Client page
13 February 2002 - Use your own counter pictures!
Now you can use your own counter pictures, find out how in the FAQ!
10 October 2002 - STATCOUNT Live Client
We have made a live client, so that you, instantly on your computer, can see the stats of your homepage. It is the first release; so all kind of feedback is appreciated.

See more
10 October 2002 - Changes on Statcount
We have changed the structure of Statcount.
We have created a category system, but unfortunately we have not translated the English version, yet.
8 August 2001 - Server change
In the last week we have changed to a new server. We have had some troubles with a picture component, which has been replaced.
All counters should be working!

Merry christmas and a happy new year!!!
16 August 2001 - Database is recovered!
25 counters is lost, sorry about that! If you lost your counter, you are welcome to contact us on!
All logs between wednesday and sunday are lost!
14 August 2001 - ERROR IN DATABASE
There is a error in the database. All counters will display 88888888, until the database is repaired. We hope to be running again real soon!
31 August 2001 - 34 new counter styles
34 new counters styles, has been added today. Now there is 60 styles to choose from. Go to login to see the new counters.
29 August 2001 - Danish version of Statcount
Today the danish version of Statcount was launched!
28 August 2001 - New layout
A new layout has been applied to the page! It is friendly sponsored by A lot of new counters is on the way and some new features!
8 August 2001 - Code changes
Almost all the code has been rewritten; the stats, the counter, the mail scripts and the top list.
26 August 2001 - The down time!
After the server upgrade, we have been down for almost 14 days, because of some trouble with our SQL server.
We are sorry for all the trouble that it has caused.
2 February 2001 - All old unregistered counter users shall register
Because of a performance issue, all the old unregistered CGI counters have to register, and change to the new ASP counter. Your counter will start at the same in the new system, and you can have the same style.
You will also have statistics on the new counter.

So if there is a yellow sign on your counter, stating REG PLEASE, then you have to register.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
24 February 2001 - Daily statistics
Statistics was released today you can find it under the modify pages.
7 July 2001 - Top 30
The top 30 was released today, you van find it in the menu!
2 February 2001 - Several counters on one account!
Now it is possibel to make several counters on one ID.
28 February 2001 - Statistics
All data for registered counters is being collected. But the view pages is not finished yet.
28 February 2001 - website launched
All services from old TWM-counting is moved to

Now it is possible to get statistics, on the counters, but it is only possibel if your register your old counter.
27 February 2001 - Service moved to a new server!
Read more here!