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5 March 2009 - Another server move
Another server move is now over, there is a few things that need to be fixed. Apparently there is no ISP/webhotels in Denmark that can handle traffic, this time is was Surftown Erhverv that gave up. I think I have tried most providers in Denmark by now. :) This time I have chosen a VPS solution hosted in the UK. I hope they can manage the traffic. Let me now if you find issues.... 
24 October 2008 - Router congestion
Yesterday around 1300 a router went down with congestion problems. We are waiting for an update to the router, but are now routing traffic bac into th... 
23 February 2007 - New server
We encountered a power outage during a snow storm which destroyed a server. Statcount is now running from a new server. We are sorry for the inconveni... 
14 November 2005 - We are counting again...
We are counting again... 
14 November 2005 - Temporarily not counting
Statcount does not count hits at the moment, because of a bandwidth outage. One user is sending more than 50 hits/second, and there is not enought ban... 
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